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Welcome to Relly's Deli

Welcome to Relly's Deli. We are a small town mom and pop grocery store with the added value of delivery service. We serve the communities in sourther Carbon County in Pennsylvania. We believe in great food, good friends, family values, home cooked meals and having fun. We strongly believe that if every family could get together at the dinnertable over a home cooked meal atleast three times a week then the world would be a much better place. This is what makes us passionate about our work of providing this affordable convenience to our customers so they can spend more time with their families.

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We are located on White Street in Bowmanstown. Our building is an old Church building constructed in 1892. From 1892 to 1998 it served the community as a church and in late 1998 it was converted to a store. We even have the original church bell from 1899 donated to the church by the ladies aid society. The store has been serving the community since then.

We acquired this business in 2013 and did some renovations to the building in 2015. We brought the church bell down from the tower and the bell now sits inside the store for people to see this magnificient piece of history. Also as a part of renovations we changed the name of the business from Pappy's Corner Store to Relly's Deli and Convenience Store. The store is now named after my wife Relly. Sometimes, in order to stay true to your purpose, you have to think outside of the box and do things that are non traditional. So to stay true to our purpose of Affordable Convenience we carry more varities of groceries than a regular convenience store would because we realized that being the only store in town, if our customers need grocery items they would have to travel over five miles to either Palmerton or Lehighton.

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