About Us


Welcome to Relly's Deli we are a premium Food store offering the widest variety of groceries and everyday essentials. Established with a goal to deliver the finest foods and delightful products in a more competitive marketplace, Relly's Deli has been a trusted food store committed to an innovative shopping experience since 2013.

Privately owned and dedicated to serving a wider range of consumers in Bowmanstown and across the surrounding areas, we have grown from just a convenience store to a reputable online grocery store in Bowmanstown delivering valuable and exceptional products for better customer satisfaction.

As a one-stop shop for everything quality groceries in Bowmanstown, we are uniquely different from others, while our passion and commitment to sourcing only the best products continue to be a source of pride in the industry. At Relly's Deli, we love valuable products with superior quality! We pride ourselves on serving our customers the highest levels of quality groceries with the outstanding shopping experience.

Our Brand

Our brand spans many groceries and everyday essentials. Through hard work and commitment to an excellent level of customer service, we have developed into a much respected online grocery store in the industry. With years of being a convenience store and selling from our location in Bowmanstown, we have now integrated the speed of online shopping, the convenience of fast delivery and discounted grocery for a better shopping experience.

Our Team

Relly's Deli is home to a passionate and dedicated team who works together to achieve similar goals. Our professional team takes pride in handpicking the freshest products, packed with love and care and deliver to your doorstep in and around the areas of Bowmanstown.

Our Mission

As a company, we aim to source the best ingredients from around the world and bring the best products to your doorstep. Our ultimate goal is to allow our customers purchase from a large variety of groceries from the comfort of your own home! We believe our customers know what they want and we as a reputable store strive to bring products that meet and surpass their expectations.

Customers Service

At Relly’s Deli, customer’s satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. In a competitive marketplace where groceries are available at every customers’ fingertips, what set us apart is exceptional quality coupled with outstanding customers experience. Our team work collectively to provide cutting-edge grocery delivery across the Bowmanstown. With a proven track record of building fulfilling relationships with customers, we continually offer unmatched food delivery to Bowmanstown and its surrounding areas.

We love Bowmanstown, and we’re proud to be a part of it. As you place an order today; we hope to make your experience remarkable. Whether it’s from our stores or online, we always strive to bring you the best.