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  • The communities of Bowmanstown, Palmerton, East Penn, Parryville and Lehighton are the communities we serve. These are small close-knit communities nestled in north eastern Pennsylvania in Carbon County. Located along the Appalachian trail and surrounded by monutains these communities magnify the beauty of each season weather its beautiful blooming spring or colorful fall. We are proud to be part of these close-knit communities and service their needs.

Requests for donations can be made in writing to our store.

We offer support for:

-Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) organizations

-Local community events
-Sustainability efforts

What is the program? It is an easy and convenient way for fund raising. Organizations can order coupons for $5 each with a retail value of $7.99 for hoagies. The organizations can then sell these coupons for $7.99. There is no deliveries to make and it is a simple program. The coupons are valid for the period of six months and can be used any time during that period. The coupons can be ordered in quantity of minimum 100 or maximum 500 per organization per quarter.


We offer sponsorships to local school athletics and community based events.


Organizations outside our operational footprint of communities of Bowmanstown, Palmerton, East Penn, Parryville and Lehighton communities.
Capital Campaigns
Political Parties or candidates.

Efforts we are unable to support

Since majority of the population in our operational area is in the construction industry, we are proud supporters of the Carbon Builders Association.

If you are a local vendor and would like to place your product in our store, you can contact our store manager with your proposal. 

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