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Quality First

What makes Relly's sandwiches the best deli sandwiches in PA? Fresh ingredients, locally sourced, great quality, and made-to-order. Everything about a Relly's Deli sandwich is delicious. Every menu item is thoughtfully selected to provide the best combination of flavors and delight a wide array of tastes. At Relly's Deli we choose great quality local meats, cheeses and ingredients, providing our customers with a wide selection of their favorite deli items.

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Breakfast Sandwiches

Good Morning ! Start your day right with our freshly made breakfast sandwiches and stay full and focused at the task on hand. With our selection of breakfast sandwiches made with freshly cracked eggs and locally sourced meat you will find the perfect breakfast to satisfy that morning hunger.

Made to Order 

Want bacon on that breakfast Sandwich? How about ketchup on your Italian hoagie? Even add a hot soup or side to round off your meal. Most of our food offerings are available Built-to-Order. Mix and match tons of delicious ingredients to design your perfect meal, guaranteed to be freshly made and quickly served by our friendly associates.

  • All Hoagies are served on a 10 inch hoagie roll sourced from locally operated Lusitania Bakery.

  • These are our regular sandwiches but if you have any special requests we will be more than happy to accomodate you.

  • All Lunch meat prices are prices per pound.

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